Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Allergist Has Spoken

Yesterday Tim took Brenden to the allergist for a follow up appointment. I had to work at the dance studio so I didn't get to go. It doesn't sound like I missed much at all. She spoke to him for about 10 minutes and didn't tell him anything that we didn't already know. She asked what we had cut out, which isn't much. Brenden doesn't drink whole milk anymore, although now it's more because he likes the taste of rice milk better, not because we think he's really allergic. I thought she would rip into us for not following "her" advice. (I put that in quotations because she never actually told us anything. It came from her nurse.) To my surprise she actually agreed with what we are doing and said that as long as he isn't reacting then he's fine. The only thing she did advise was to keep his peanut and cashew intake down, which isn't hard since he doesn't really eat much peanut butter. We're also supposed to keep our house relatively dust free, which
is impossible unless I live with a dust rag in my hand 24/7. (Hardwood is awesome, but the dust is insane.) So Brenden is cleared to eat whatever he'll let us feed him. I feel confident that he won't have any problems as long as we keep him from being smeared in anything he reacted to for longer than 3 days. I think his bath every other day covers that.

Oh yeah...new pictures. Click here and here!

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