Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Both of the kids enjoy their sleep, but unfortunately they are both morning people. Obviously, they take after their father. Brenden is our earliest riser at the moment. Most days he's peeling my eyelids open (No...really.) with a loud refrain of "Mommy it's wake up time!" at about 6:15 am. I've been racking my brain for something that would help, something to bribe him to not wake me before 7 am.

Sunday night, inspiration hit me. I swear there was a light bulb and everything. I ran back to the hall closet, grabbed an old alarm clock, and practically skipped back to Brenden's room. I explained that unless the first number was a 7, he was to stay in bed or play quietly in his room. He was even more excited than I was.

Tim and I were in the living room getting things ready for the Tulsa Just Between Friends sale when we heard his door open. I was prepared to get onto him when he called out, "It's okay! I have a SEVEN!!!"

After cracking up at his excitement I explained that the seven he saw was in the wrong place. I realized that it would make everyone's lives easier if I covered the minutes section. Problem solved!

A very happy Brenden came to wake me up this morning at 7:15 am. "Mommy! I really do have a SEVEN!!!"

Yes, yes he did. :)


Jenny said...

Hey there! A few things:
First off, I loved reading the news about your decision to build! Can't wait to join this journey with you via blog! Congratulations! Second, your post about Brenden's alarm clock had BJ and me both laughing out loud...this was my favorite post of yours ever and I think it belongs under 'Best of Brenden.' Thirdly, BJ's cousin is employed by the Chilis corporation so I sent a link of your post to him. He may know who to forward something like this to. We'll see.

The Kellys said...

Thanks, Jenny! I need to update that section but I keep forgetting. I still haven't heard anything from Chili's so either they don't believe it was a manager or they just don't care. Oh well!

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