Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Leah!

A very Happy 1st Brithday to our cousin Leah! Her mommy and daddy had to go through a lot to get her here but we all know she was worth it! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009!

This Oktoberfest was so much fun! It was completely different from last year, but in a very good way. Meaning, I didn't wake up with a raging hangover the next day. :) I sure was exhausted, though. Growing another person does that to me.

My cousin Delayna, her husband Jimmy, my uncle Rick and the twins, Jackson and Dillon, came up to go with us. We didn't get to hang out with them as long as I would have liked but it was awesome to see them. After Brenden got over his hissy fit (he did NOT want to share his toys and his dad had to talk some sense into him) it was really fun.

Finally playing nicely with Dillon.

We actually made it to Oktoberfest around 3:30 pm and just happened to park a few cars down from Mike and Connie. Great timing! Finding my mom inside was not as easy, especially since she wasn't moving so quickly. (She was pushing my grandma around in a wheelchair, which she is NOT allowed to do next year. It was too much!) We headed over to the kiddie section, which I didn't know existed last year, although I may have been a little distracted by all the free beer our VIP wristbands got us. Brenden loved all the rides...the carousel, cars, bouncy pit (you could stay in as long as you want!) and the big slide. I refused to watch him made me nervous! There were at least 15 kids in there and I just KNEW he was going to end up bruised or bleeding or something. Eventually I got HUNGRY and begged Tim to go with me to get food. I wasn't sure I would ever find them again.

We made it to the big tent and found the schnitzel booth, which was YUMMY, and poor Tim waited for 15 minutes for pancakes and apple sauce for Brenden. By the time he made it back Brenden had already dug into my grandma's funnel cake and was only interested in the apple sauce. None of that potato pancake for him! Tim was not upset and said it was pretty darn tasty. I'm amazed that Brenden didn't need more food since he danced for almost an hour straight. He would not let us sit down! And he wouldn't dance next to the table, he had to be on the dance floor! Of course he did the chicken dance, which was my favorite moment of the night.

By 6:30 pm we, as in Brenden and I, were getting tired. I thought Delayna and her group had already headed to their car so we did, too, thinking we could catch up to them before they left. Unfortunately they were still inside and by the time I realized it we were too late to say goodbye. Hopefully we can visit them in Oklahoma City, soon!

In completely unrelated to Oktoberfest news, our house is almost fully unpacked! We spent most of Sunday sorting boxes and getting things ready for Goodwill. We finally found our 2nd shower curtain (in the very last box, obviously) and I hope by this next Sunday we'll be completely finished. We really are enjoying this house. We have plenty of room, the backyard is great, and we are so close to everything we need. Braum's is less that a mile away! I really can't ask for much more than that. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good news!

First of all, everything is moved into the new house! There are still a million boxes to unpack and go through, many of which have been closed up since they were packed by the movers WAY back in April 2008. We're going to go through them, thoroughly, because obviously we don't need all of it if we haven't searched for it since then. We are all enjoying the new place, the extra space, the big back yard, having an extra couch so we can actually have friends over. Brenden is especially enjoying his big boy bedroom and is working hard on saying "Lightning McQueen!" (which comes out "ight-ing keen!" for now)

A HUGE thanks to Mike, Connie, Ed, my mom, Jessica and Justin for helping us move! Seriously, you guys deserved more than pizza and beer.

We had our inspection yesterday at the old house, which Tim and I spent a few hours cleaning on Sunday. (Thanks Mike and Connie for keeping Brenden!) We also sold our washer/dryer combo for the same amount we paid for it. Yay! So the inspection, yes. The guy took 3 seconds to check the house out and said "Perfect. Here is your full deposit back." He also explained to Tim that they are not going to rent it again, they are selling it. I wasn't too surprised since when we signed the lease last year they were trying to either rent or sell it, whichever happened first. Of course, the reason they are definitely selling kind of surprised me. He said that the likelihood of them finding another renter like us was practically zero, especially in that neighborhood, so they weren't going to risk it. Made us feel better!

So that deposit is going towards getting Tim a new work computer. His poor laptop just doesn't have enough memory (and something else I can't remember) to run the ginormous program the civil group uses. Which means....Amanda gets a laptop at home!!! Mike and Connie saved us from having to buy one last year and it really has worked out for the best now that Tim needs a better one for work. He's trying to get a good enough computer to keep from having to upgrade anytime in the near future. Something with the number 4 in it...I don't know. All I know is he'll be happy and so will I. A laptop again! Whoo hoo!

Add to all that goodness the fact that the sun has decided to show up and I am one happy camper! Now, if Brenden would just potty train himself then life would be PERFECT. Hey...a girl can hope. :)

Wordless Wednesday

Big boy room...he's growing up too fast!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Yes, I've had these for awhile. Yes, I should have scanned and uploaded them weeks ago. (I'm 14 weeks and that means it's been 5 weeks since these were done.) Unfortunately I've had morning sickness, a cranky son (2nd molars are the DEVIL), and a ton of moving/cleaning to do. Now that we're a lot more settled in the new house, and yes, I will post pictures someday, and have the old house cleaned I have a little time to breathe. are the ultrasound pictures!

8 weeks 2 days

This was the night I spent 7 hours in the St. Francis ER. The ultrasound tech was the nicest person I met that night. She showed me where everything was, explained what was going on with the cyst, and then surprised me by handing me a sheet of pictures, labeled so I would know which fuzzy blob was the baby. :) Seeing the heartbeat was the best feeling ever! I was so worried with all of the pain I was in and it was a relief to know that everything was going as planned.

9 weeks 3 days

This is from my actual OBGYN, Dr. Baldwin. He is a really nice guy and really funny. I think we're going to get along just fine, especially since his nurse seemed very willing to give me an epidural ASAP when I went into labor based on my last experience. He didn't really show us all that much and Tim wasn't feeling so hot so he wasn't all that excited, but we heard the heartbeat and saw it's little arms and legs moving. It even rubbed at it's face where I'm assuming the eyes are. :)

So right now, at 14 weeks, I'm feeling OK. The sickness has subsided a TON, although if I'm hungry and I don't eat pretty quickly I feel nauseous. The exhaustion is what is really getting to me. I'm ready for my 2nd trimester energy!

The next ultrasound pictures I should get will be at roughly 20 weeks. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we'll get to find out what we are having. FINGERS CROSSED!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bristol!!!

Meredith, my brother's fiancee', has a new niece! Bristol was born at 10:55 am today, weighs 6 lbs, 9 oz and is 19 inches long. I cannot wait to see her! I hear she is gorgeous!

Congratulations Whitney, Isaac, and Cooper! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

12 Weeks...2nd Trimester!

Ahhh...12 weeks pregnant. The wonderful moment that I hit the 2nd trimester. I am feeling a little better. Usually I feel alright in the morning, get kind of sick around lunch time if I don't eat fast enough, and then start feeling sickly at night. Maybe my morning sickness wants to be nighttime sickness? Who knows.

So here I am, 12 weeks pregnant. I know I'm bigger than I was last time, which is normal, but it's weird to see it in pictures. Tim says I don't look "that pregnant" which I take to mean I just look "that fat." HAHA!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

Today Brenden decided to tell me "I poop" and then ran towards the bathroom. Ok...that's great. Was he dirty? No. So I thought maybe we could just slap him on the potty and hope for a miracle.

After a few minutes of running back and forth between the big potty, where he stood on his stool and tried to use the potty like daddy, and his little potty, I told him to sit on the little potty and I would go get the camera to show him movies. (The only way I can keep him sitting still for more than 2 seconds.) I ran back into the bathroom and he was still on the potty...with a puddle of pee on the floor. OH! MY! GOODNESS! But he peed while SITTING on the potty, even if his aim is awful. (Typical male, right?) And he asked to go potty, I didn't force him, so I think that's a good thing.

High fives!!! And asking him to tell me when he needs to go again so we can go IN the potty next time. He said "oooOOOoooh-tay" and bounced around the living room and kitchen for about 20 minutes. I'm not sure if he was proud or just excited about the jello I finally gave him. When I put him down for his nap he was dry so I know he hadn't felt the need to go and if he wakes up dry from his nap we're headed straight to the bathroom!

Please tell me this is a good first step. Please, please, PLEASE. :)

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