Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beerfest! (AKA: Oktoberfest and Homecoming 2008)

To say this last weekend was fun would be putting it mildly. It was AWESOME!

We started out on Friday at Oktoberfest in Tulsa. Tim and I made it there at about 5:30 and started the ordeal of explaining to every person at every gate that we were supposed to have tickets and VIP passes waiting for us. (Thank you Nathan and Nathan's dad!) It wasn't that they didn't believe us, it was just that no one there knew where Will Call tickets would actually be. (It turns out there really isn't a Will Call booth but we didn't know that until later) Eventually, one person shuffled us to another and we ended up in the VIP tent explaining our story for the 5th time to the lady who was running the tent. I think she just gave up on trying to figure out who would have the tickets, too and handed us a couple of badges and wrist bands. Luckily Nathan didn't have to go through the whole spiel again later and got in without any problems. From then on the night was pretty much what I expected: LOTS of beer, schnitzel, brats, pretzels, dancing with random old guys named Rick (who claims we have a "dangerous" family, which I still don't understand), and 492 chances to do the chicken dance while standing on a table. We made it home about 11:30 pm and we thought there was NO way we were going to be able to get up at a decent time to head to Stillwater for Homecoming. Tim and I both drank about 10 glasses of water, downed some aspirin, and hoped for the best. (If you are wondering where Brenden was, he got to hang out with my mom all night back at the house. We weren't like the crazy people who had their toddlers out there until 11 pm. And I don't think Brenden needs to see a grown man pee his pants in public....ever.)

Chicken Dance!!!!

At 7:20 am on Saturday Tim and I both woke up, completely surprised that Brenden was still asleep and that we didn't have bongo players wreaking havoc on our brains. At 8:30 am we kissed Brenden goodbye, told him to be good for grandma and grandpa Kelly, and headed to our first football game in 5 years. We couldn't have picked a better year to come back for a game since our Cowboys are 7-0 and are now ranked #7! GO POKES! After a quick stop at Braum's for breakfast we wandered around campus looking at the Homecoming decorations, checking out the newest buildings (and there are a TON of them), and remembering how much fun college was. We eventually made our way into the stadium, which is even more impressive than I imagined. I know it doesn't hold almost 100,000 people, but it looms over all of the buildings. I'll have to find some old pictures of it before so everyone can see just how different it really is. And it's not just the stadium, but the whole area next to it that is different. There are houses and apartment complexes that are completely leveled now to make room for an entire sports village. I'm excited to see it completed.

A sea of orange!

The game wasn't exactly action packed, but we still had a great time. Our seats were on the complete opposite side of the stadium from where we thought they were, which means we were in the sun the entire time. Hence, Tim's lovely raccoon eyes. :) One happy coincidence was that we ran into some of Tim's old friends who invited us to tailgate with them after the game. We picked up Nathan and Lindsey outside the stadium, grabbed the keys to our hotel room, and went back to find Brock and Ashely. (Tim's friends) They do not skimp on the tailgating for sure! There was a TV to watch the Texas/Missouri game, kabobs, chips, dip, cheese fries, beer, pop...and they wouldn't even let us give them money for feeding us. We also ran into our friend Dwight who happens to live in Owasso now. We're hoping to catch up with him again, soon. We finally tore ourselves away and headed to the Strip. Our first stop was Murphy's, which is exactly like I remember...there are even a few bartenders still there from when we were in school. Poor Lindsey didn't feel well at all and while we were there she headed back to the hotel. (We missed you Lindsey!) From Murphy's we headed to Willie's, which is where I decided I was starving. Since I had never been to Coney Island, and since it was the only restaurant serving beer within 100 feet of us, we headed there. If you ever get the chance, PLEASE have one of their onion fried cheeseburgers. I am sure that even without a few hours of drinking they are the most delicious cheeseburgers EVER. Tim and Nathan decided to hang out there for a bit since the beer was cheap and then we headed back to Murphy's. That didn't work out so well since the line was down the street, so we slipped back into Willie's. About an hour more of drinking and I was done, so Nathan called Lindsey and she was nice enough to come get us. Not sure what we would have done without her!

Headed back to the hotel...cheese!

Sunday morning we all rolled out of bed, completely exhausted and just a bit sore from the Quality Inn beds. We stopped at Chili's to get some much needed food, and then drove to all the places that we didn't see the day before. I cannot believe how much Oklahoma State has changed. Most of the classroom buildings are the same, but the apartments that stand where Willham used to be completely surprised me. I wouldn't know how to get around! We eventually found our way back to Skiatook and were greeted by the best sight ever...Brenden waddling towards us. We may have had a great weekend away with friends, but nothing beats coming home to his happy, chubby cheeks.

Of course I have some pictures to share. :) Enjoy!

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