Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's Going On? (as of Oct. 9th, 2008)

Since we created this blog to let everyone knows what's going on with us, I figured it was time to actually say what's going on with us. :)

Tim is working at Wallace Engineering in Tulsa and LOVING it. He is doing grading and utility design work, including storm water, sewers, water detention and runoff design. He is currently working on projects such as the Montero Assisted Living, Owasso School's Athletic Center and Mid-High, and the White Church Development in Broken Arrow. Tim is also serving as a Captain in the US Army Reserves and on September 7th, 2008, he took over as Commanding Officer of HHC 1st Bridgade 102 Division. He is currently in charge of 75 soldiers and drills with them once a month in Sand Springs.

Amanda is still enjoying staying at home with Brenden and watching him grow into a very smart little boy. She is also helping out at Art of Motion Dance Studio in Bartlesville twice a week, which works out great because she gets to take Brenden with her.

Brenden changes every day and continues to amaze us with what he comprehends. He is officially walking and seems to be trying to run. He has started climbing as well, which leads to all sorts of new baby proofing problems. Some of the words he has learned to say, or is working on saying are: mama, dada, baba, please (sounds like dease), Daisy (Grandma and Grandpa Warehime's dog), Justin (as in Uncle Justin), bird, leaf, ball, diaper, kitty, more, down, up, and out. He is still learning to sign and has mastered the signs for: more, milk, cereal, eat, please, and is working on bird. His favorite songs include Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, and Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys. He absolutely LOVES books and can sit in his book nook (the corner where the books ended up) and "read" for long stretches of time. (15 minutes is long for 12 months old!)

So far we are still living with Mike and Connie (THANK YOU!) while we wait for our house in Colorado Springs to sell. Right now we have not had any offers and no one has looked at it to rent it. It has not been the easiest to deal with and we've spent many days pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to get someone in there. (if you know someone who wants a great house in Colorado, let us know!) On a happier note, we just started looking at rental properties so we can finally get out of Mike and Connie's hair....oh, and feel like adults again. :) We're keeping our fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

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