Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh the woes of renting.

So since the neighbor next door to Mike and Connie changed her mind about us living in her house, Tim and I have been scouring the paper, craigslist, and every property rental website available for a place to rent. We had no idea that the market for rental houses would be so limited and expensive. All we want is a decent house (no broken windows, no rodents or bugs, at least 2 bedrooms) in a decent neighborhood that doesn't cost almost $1000.00. Every time we found something that looked promising we would either drive by it and find that it was a mess, or call on it to be told it had been rented. I didn't realize that it was that difficult to take a house off of a web page so people wouldn't call on it.

Just today I drove by a house and was going to look in the windows (which the leasing agent said was a good idea) only to have the person who is moving into it walk out and look at me like I was trespassing. I had to explain what I was doing and was completely embarrassed. It turns out the owner didn't tell the property manager that he had rented it without them. What is wrong with people?!?

The last house I looked at looked perfect, so of course I assumed that it was already rented even though the leasing agent said it was not. (There was even a car in the driveway.) Tim called and the lady explained that it would be available on Monday and we set up a time to look at it. So here's the BIG problem....our stuff is coming. ALL of it. Everything that has been in storage for 6 months will be here on the 24th, whether we like it or not. Tim told the movers to deliver everything to the address of the house we are looking at on Monday, which we DO NOT have anything signed on. All we can hope for is that everything goes perfectly and that the property manager will allow us to move in even if its not in perfect condition. To say we are crossing our fingers and are hoping for the best is an understatement. SO nerve wracking! Please pray for us...we really need it!

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