Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

So as most of you know, I take WAY too many pictures. (If you've known me since I was little you know where this comes from.) I upload as many pictures as I can to Facebook and I've found that's the easiest way for me to share them with everyone. I usually send out the website for the albums as I post them, which I will still do, but I decided to make a list here of the albums that I have already. So if there are pictures you haven't seen yet, this is your chance! :) Just click on the link or copy and paste the link in your browser. You don't have to join Facebook to see the pictures.

Wedding 1:

Wedding 2:

Christmas 2006:

Jason and Chrissy's Wedding:

Baby Shower, Fishing, Parent's 40th Anniversary:

Brenden (1st pictures):

Justin's Graduation:

Christmas 2007:

Trip to Oklahoma in February 2007:

More of Brenden:

Valentine's Day, Botanical Gardens, etc:

Amanda's birthday and the zoo:

Brenden's 1st Easter:

Playgroups and friends:

The Park and other pictures:

Trip to PA!:

Nathan's graduation, Mayfest, Ect:

Memorial Day Weekend 2008:

Jackson and Dillion's Birthday (2 albums):

New Brenden and 4th of July:

Professional Photos:

Denver Aquarium and Castlewood Canyon State Park:

Butterfly Pavillion:

Back in Oklahoma:

Jessi and Micheal's Reception:

Beaver Lake 2008:

Tim's Change of Command:

Brenden turns 1! (2 albums):

Summer 2008 pictures...and such:


Grant Goodale said...

Hey, it's Grant. Great blog!
You probably already know this, but you can add HTML tags to your blog so that readers can just click on links to get to your pictures. You can also reference the photo directly into the body.

The Kellys said...

Thanks Grant! Yep, I knew that but I was being lazy. I'll probably go back and fix it later. :)

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