Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brenden this week!

I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but on April 1, 2008, I started a 365 project with Brenden. What it entails is taking a picture everyday for a year. And who else would I take a picture of everyday? Some days I take 15 pictures, other days I completely forget to take one and have to run in to take a picture of the funny way Brenden is sleeping. (the boy can get into some really uncomfortable looking positions!) So there may be a few posts on here that are just pictures of Brenden that I find super cute, which is usually all of them. :) My plan is to put them into a montage of him from April 1st of 2008 to April 1st of 2009. He has changed so much! (and not just with his hair) Enjoy these new pictures!

This is Brenden's new stuffed animal that grandma Warehime brought back from New York. His name is Barney Bunny and Brenden LOVES him.

Brenden has a problem with keeping hats on but this time he actually left it on long enough for me to take a picture! He and grandpa Kelly were headed out for a walk. :)

Brenden loves standing at this make-shift baby gate we have. He yells at the animals and throws things over it.

He's gotten really good at walking in shoes. And he's very proud of himself!

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