Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mission Accomplished

WE FOUND A RENTAL HOUSE!!!! And not just a worn down, in a neighborhood we might not get shot in, with carpets that are horrible that we'll just have to deal with, kind of house. An absolutely perfect little house, in great condition, clean, in a really nice little neighborhood, with great hardwood floors. Hardwood floors have been my dream since Tim and I started looking at houses. Now I'll get to find out if that is what I really want. :) It has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, a living area, lots of great built-in shelves, a dining nook, a garage to store our extra stuff in (which there is a lot of), and a nice sized backyard. It's not huge but we know we can make it work. Brenden has already found a favorite thing in the house...the folding door between the kitchen and front room. He laughed like a madman playing with that thing! So we assume he approves of the house in general. The only drawbacks are the fact that the driveway is on Yale and it's an older house so it doesn't have a dishwasher. We are going to find a portable one and a stacking washer and dryer and make them all work in the laundry room. (Tim has it all figured out...don't ask me.)

On top of all of the things that I like about the house, the property manager is the coolest guy EVER. At first the advertisement said it wasn't available until November 1st. He had no problem letting us move in on Friday, October 24th. I asked a few questions, like if we could remove the window AC units and store them until next year. His response? "Sure. You guys can pretty much do about anything in here." I just stared at him. For real? Wow...he really trusts us already. So that means I can paint the back room purple? Sweet! (OK...not really. I like the yellow) Then we asked him how much we owed him for October since we're moving in on Friday. He said, "Don't worry about it. You just paid me for November so it's no big deal." WHAT?! It was then that I was convinced we made the perfect choice in this house.

Here are a few pictures. Obviously, the hardwood floors sold me the moment we walked in. Thank goodness the rest of the house was great. :)

View from the street.

The front room.

Built-in shelves in Brenden's room.

Yellow kitchen!

Dining nook/laundry room.

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