Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good news!

First of all, everything is moved into the new house! There are still a million boxes to unpack and go through, many of which have been closed up since they were packed by the movers WAY back in April 2008. We're going to go through them, thoroughly, because obviously we don't need all of it if we haven't searched for it since then. We are all enjoying the new place, the extra space, the big back yard, having an extra couch so we can actually have friends over. Brenden is especially enjoying his big boy bedroom and is working hard on saying "Lightning McQueen!" (which comes out "ight-ing keen!" for now)

A HUGE thanks to Mike, Connie, Ed, my mom, Jessica and Justin for helping us move! Seriously, you guys deserved more than pizza and beer.

We had our inspection yesterday at the old house, which Tim and I spent a few hours cleaning on Sunday. (Thanks Mike and Connie for keeping Brenden!) We also sold our washer/dryer combo for the same amount we paid for it. Yay! So the inspection, yes. The guy took 3 seconds to check the house out and said "Perfect. Here is your full deposit back." He also explained to Tim that they are not going to rent it again, they are selling it. I wasn't too surprised since when we signed the lease last year they were trying to either rent or sell it, whichever happened first. Of course, the reason they are definitely selling kind of surprised me. He said that the likelihood of them finding another renter like us was practically zero, especially in that neighborhood, so they weren't going to risk it. Made us feel better!

So that deposit is going towards getting Tim a new work computer. His poor laptop just doesn't have enough memory (and something else I can't remember) to run the ginormous program the civil group uses. Which means....Amanda gets a laptop at home!!! Mike and Connie saved us from having to buy one last year and it really has worked out for the best now that Tim needs a better one for work. He's trying to get a good enough computer to keep from having to upgrade anytime in the near future. Something with the number 4 in it...I don't know. All I know is he'll be happy and so will I. A laptop again! Whoo hoo!

Add to all that goodness the fact that the sun has decided to show up and I am one happy camper! Now, if Brenden would just potty train himself then life would be PERFECT. Hey...a girl can hope. :)

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