Monday, October 19, 2009


Yes, I've had these for awhile. Yes, I should have scanned and uploaded them weeks ago. (I'm 14 weeks and that means it's been 5 weeks since these were done.) Unfortunately I've had morning sickness, a cranky son (2nd molars are the DEVIL), and a ton of moving/cleaning to do. Now that we're a lot more settled in the new house, and yes, I will post pictures someday, and have the old house cleaned I have a little time to breathe. are the ultrasound pictures!

8 weeks 2 days

This was the night I spent 7 hours in the St. Francis ER. The ultrasound tech was the nicest person I met that night. She showed me where everything was, explained what was going on with the cyst, and then surprised me by handing me a sheet of pictures, labeled so I would know which fuzzy blob was the baby. :) Seeing the heartbeat was the best feeling ever! I was so worried with all of the pain I was in and it was a relief to know that everything was going as planned.

9 weeks 3 days

This is from my actual OBGYN, Dr. Baldwin. He is a really nice guy and really funny. I think we're going to get along just fine, especially since his nurse seemed very willing to give me an epidural ASAP when I went into labor based on my last experience. He didn't really show us all that much and Tim wasn't feeling so hot so he wasn't all that excited, but we heard the heartbeat and saw it's little arms and legs moving. It even rubbed at it's face where I'm assuming the eyes are. :)

So right now, at 14 weeks, I'm feeling OK. The sickness has subsided a TON, although if I'm hungry and I don't eat pretty quickly I feel nauseous. The exhaustion is what is really getting to me. I'm ready for my 2nd trimester energy!

The next ultrasound pictures I should get will be at roughly 20 weeks. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we'll get to find out what we are having. FINGERS CROSSED!

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