Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 44th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Yesterday was my parents' 44th wedding anniversary. Just like Tim and I, they were married twice, although their locations were much more "exotic". The first was in Tijuana and I'm pretty sure there was a chicken in attendance. The 2nd was in a small chapel in Santa Barbara, which was beautiful. And they, just like us, celebrate their 1st wedding on August 21st, and not the 2nd, which was September 5th.

Our gift to them this year? We cleaned out and reorganized their shed. We swept out the large snake skin and Tim managed to squeal like a girl when a HUGE brown spider jumped on him. I just wish I had video of his crazy dance. (To be fair, I'm sure anyone would have done the same thing.) We also moved a bunch of things to my grandma's house and mowed the jungle that was supposed to be her yard.

We also got them a card that Brenden signed all by himself:

And a cake, which I'm pretty sure would have looked about the same if Brenden had signed it, too. (Seriously, we loved it.) :)

Happy anniversary mom and dad!

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