Monday, August 29, 2011


Today has been rough on my nerves and my anxiety. The car is something that I'm not even giving a second thought because I just don't have the energy. Instead, I'm worried about Lauren.

A few weeks ago I noticed a knot on her neck, almost like an Adam's apple. I didn't think much of it. She's been cranky and fighting sleep for awhile but I figured it was all part of teething. Then, on Friday, I realized that the knot looked bigger. It was much bigger than a pebble, a lot closer to golf ball sized than I originally thought. (Or it grew, I'm not sure.) It was constantly running through my mind all weekend and I was anxious to get her into her doctor today.

(The waiting room experience today was a mess. I think the appointment time was WAY too close to nap time. Neither kid would calm down and Lauren kept flinging herself on the floor while Brenden pouted at everyone. Ridiculous.)

Upon first examining it, her doctor didn't seem so concerned. When I finally leaned Lauren's head back and the knot became more prominent, she told me that it was good that I brought her in. She sent us downstairs to get x-rays and some blood drawn.

I'm not sure what planet my children come from, but I'm sure it's one of opposites. Where most kids are hesitant, my kids are fearless. It's rare for one of them to dislike someone. And where most kids are okay in the waiting room and then throw fits anytime a doctor gets near them, my kids are the crazy ones that won't sit still until they are having their temperature taken or have their ears examined.

I should have known, since they are from the land of whatever-you-think-we'll-do-we're-going-to-do-the-opposite, that Lauren would have no problem having her x-rays done. She wasn't bothered by the tiny lead apron she had to wear, she stood still, let us position her and even got mad when we were through. Camera hog, anyone? Next, we headed over to have her blood drawn. I expected a huge fight with tears and a runny nose and the worst scream you could ever imagine. Yes, she cried. Yes, there were tears and snot and screaming. It just wasn't nearly as loud or as long as I expected. As soon as they were done she calmed down, said thank you, and calmly walked out the door.

Hopefully we will have some answers, soon. So far the doctor mentioned that it could be a lymph node, a bony mass, or a tumor. The best case scenario would be a small infection (she doesn't have a fever, though) that would require some antibiotics. We're all praying that it's nothing more serious.

My brave girl with her x-ray sticker, her Thomas sticker that she chose for doing so well with the blood draw, and her poor bandaged elbow. 


Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness, she's too teeny tiny to have the bandage on her elbow! I used to have blood drawn a lot, so mine looked like that for almost a year straight. But it breaks my heart to see hers look that way! Definitely praying for her and the whole family.

The Kellys said...

Thank you. She did really well and that bandage never even bothered her. She got mad when I took it off!

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