Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purple and Gray

It's a dark, gloomy, gloriously cool morning. After days and days of intense, if you stand still too long it will scald your feet through your shoes heat, this is a very welcome change. I'm going to blame the joy I feel about this lovely stuff called rain for my decision making abilities, or lack there of, this morning.

First, I let Brenden call his grandma Karen, which was not the problem. The fact that it was 6:30 am her time...not nice. I'm pretty sure she was awake, but probably not prepared to have a long conversation with a 3 year old about how our Wii is suddenly not working and how it is not okay OMGWTHBBQ!!!1!

Next, I let Brenden water paint. Also not a problem. But to keep Lauren occupied while he was doing this I placed her in her highchair with a piece of paper and some crayons. For normal children this is probably just fine. For our daughter, not so much. It only took her a few seconds to consume part of the black crayon, which I'm sure to find in her diaper tonight. Soooo grooooossss.

Then came my biggest mistake. No, it wasn't painting Brenden's toenails gray and purple. (And Lauren's, too.) It wasn't letting Brenden paint my toenails, which was messy but that was okay because I made sure to lay down an old towel. Nope, my worst idea was not checking to make sure that the top of the purple fingernail polish was on tightly.

FYI: OxyClean, water, and a LOT of elbow grease will definitely get purple fingernail polish out of carpet...eventually.

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