Saturday, August 20, 2011


I seem to be doing a lot of "Brenden-ism" posts. This kid gives me a lot of things that I want to remember!

The past Monday our Bunco group decided to have a small swimming party. At the last minute I realized that the kids and Tim were invited so we hurriedly packed and headed over to play. At the beginning of the summer, Brenden was really nervous about jumping into the lake or a pool, even with his life jacket on. During his 4 weeks of swimming lessons, I noticed he had become more and more confident. I didn't really just how confident until he started doggy paddling across the pool with just Tim's hand under his belly.

Then he went and surprised me again. In our haste, we forgot his life jacket. One of the other kids let him borrow one and once he got to jumping, he couldn't stop. Suddenly, he wanted to jump into the deeper part, sans life jacket. I wasn't sure what to think, but I figured I would just stand there and see what happened. With barely any hesitation, he jumped, went all the way under, and then bobbed back up.

So very proud of our little fish!


I've heard many excuses from him about why he can't sleep. He's scared. He needs to use the bathroom. His head hurts. He's thirsty. He can't find that one toy that we haven't seen in years and is probably long gone but he neeeeds it.

During one of his longer efforts, he decided to try a different tactic. He started out with the old stand by, "I'm scared! I want my mommy!" I always ask what he's scared of, explain why he doesn't have to worry about it because it's scared of little boys, or Riley is there to protect him, or it's not real. As I began to leave, he begged for a hug.

Brenden: My arms need to hug you. I have to hold you for awhile.

Me: I love your hugs.

Brenden: Me, too. Hugging my mommy is my job.

I hope he never quits.

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