Friday, May 1, 2009

Considerate and toddler don't normally go together.

This morning, like most mornings lately, Brenden woke me up with a chorus of, "Mama! Dada! Mama? Dada? Maaaamaaaa?!? Daaaadaaaa?!?" and I wandered in, bleary eyed, and laughed at him when he jumped up and down ready for the day. (Oh, to have that kind of energy.) And, like most days lately, I had to change his sheets because SOMEHOW his hand snuck it's way into his diaper and when it came back out dirty he wiped it on his sheets. Disgusting, right? I'm just glad we aren't finger painting, which I hear is just a wonderful way to start your morning.

We got the dirty, nasty munchkin cleaned up and headed in to let the dogs out and make breakfast. For some reason, Brenden decided the hall door needed to be shut, so he shut it, which isn't a normal occurrence but I didn't think too much of it. I don't normally let him back there due to the floor furnace but usually we just put up a gate. Ok...maybe he doesn't like the gate? Who knows....

After breakfast was finished and we had let the poor, wet dogs back inside (it's rained for 4 straight days...I'm going crazy) I had to go get my cell phone off of my night stand. I opened the hall door and put the gate up so I could still see Brenden. He likes to go where I go and since our house is tiny there is always a way of blocking him and still being able to see him. As soon as I set foot in our bedroom Brenden started freaking out. "Dada! Dada!" he screamed. Um...what? Your dad is at work. That was when I realized that Brenden had woken up after Tim had left and since he hadn't seen him yet he assumed that his dad was sleeping in. THAT'S why he shut the hall door, so we wouldn't disturb him. After turning on the light and pulling back the sheets to prove that I wasn't hiding dad I called Tim to tell him how cute it was that Brenden was trying to let him sleep in.

Now I'm just curious why Brenden doesn't do that for me?? :)

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