Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tim's 10 Year High School Reunion (And Congrats to Meredith!)

Yes, that time has officially arrived. The 10 year reunions are upon us! This last weekend was the first, Tim's reunion for Glenpool High School. Not only am I happy that his is first so that I can officially call him "older," but it was good practice to see what worked and what didn't so that my 10 year reunion next month may go a little more smoothly.

Friday night we headed out to Clubhouse, a bar and grill, for a meet and greet. We had a great time chatting with everyone that showed up, which was about 20-25 people. Good for a first night! Right as we decided to leave the skies opened up and a million gallons of water fell from the sky. It was like buckets of cool water. Soaked doesn't even begin to cover what we looked like. Drowned rats sounds more appropriate. Somehow I didn't take even one picture of the entire night, but I'm hoping to steal some from Brandi very soon. :)

The next day was a picnic at Black and Gold park in Glenpool. It was a little windy and overcast, but it wasn't raining. Whoo hoo! Tim had rented a bouncer, which is the first thing Brenden sprinted for. From then on I have no idea what anyone else was doing. Brenden was either in the bouncer, sliding, or swinging. Once the other kids showed up I made him share and he didn't like that at all. We shoved a few hotdogs in our mouths and then Brenden and I headed home. He was long past nap time. I think Tim and the people that showed up had a great time even though it was a lot less people then they thought. They were lucky and took back everything they didn't use so they have a jump start on their next reunion funds.

Bouncers are FUN!

In between the picnic in the morning and the dinner that night I took Brenden to Meredith's (Justin's girlfriend) graduation party. We were unable to go to the actual graduation but I'm glad we got to see her that day. Congratulations, Meredith!!! Her nephew, Cooper, was there, who is almost 2, so Brenden was excited. They ran up to each other and hugged at least 15 times. They met once before at my brother's birthday in March but they really don't know each other. I'm glad they are both so friendly. So what should have been all about Meredith turned into a playdate for Brenden and Cooper. :) I think she had a great time, too.

Cooper and Brenden, instant friends.

I had to leave to head to downtown Tulsa and my navigation decided to lead me on a random trip though Tulsa side streets. I gave up and just headed in what I thought might be the right direction. Thankfully I made it to the right spot and headed upstairs with Tim to the 28th floor. After a quick stop to get a nametag and have our picture taken ("Just like prom! ") we headed in to enjoy super yummy Mexican food, drinks, and an iPod dj. (Hey, no tipping required.) :) Tim was a social butterfly so I made myself at home at the table and chatted with a few new people. Thanks for entertaining me Lora, David, Jeremy, and Katherine! We made it home around 11:30 pm, exhausted and totally happy.

The only picture we took Saturday night.
(View from the 28th floor of the sunset.)

It was a fabulous weekend and I had a great time meeting all of Tim's high school friends. I know he had a great time as well and he's looking forward to the next reunion, especially since next time he's letting someone else do most of the work. :)

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