Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm ridiculously excited that our house is sold, although it felt as though we sold it the day they moved in on the 13th of July. I know that they could have backed out at any moment, but why would they want to? Who would want to move all their things after the military just moved them? It felt finalized the day that they signed off on the inspection.

Being excited doesn't mean that there haven't been moments when I've broken down. I cried the other day knowing that we would never walk into that house knowing it was ours. I cried because it was hard to imagine someone else living there, even after the awful tenants lived there for 9 months. (I cried when they moved in, too.) I cried because that house holds so many "firsts" for us. So many memories.

It was the very first house we looked at, EVER. We looked at roughly 25-30 (we lost count) houses after that but that very first house was the one we came back to.

It was the first house we ever put a contract on. The first house we "closed" on. The first house that was OURS.

It was the first place we had lived that did not have air conditioning. That will NOT happen again.

It was where we first learned that the 2 of us would become the 3 of us. I can still remember exactly where I was when that 2nd blue line showed up, staring at myself in the mirror with happy tears running like a river down my cheeks.

I miss that border and the elephants I spent hours cutting out. I loved his room!

It was the first place we drove Brenden to after we left the hospital. The place where we first learned how to be parents. The place where we became a family.

He was so little! And already learning how to appreciate an OSU football game.

It was the house where Brenden learned how to roll over, smile, laugh, eat solid food, say "da da", sleep through the night, and hold his own bottle. It was the backdrop of so many of his early milestones.

4 months old...already wanting independence!

5 months old..."Look Ma! Only need one hand!"

It was the first house we had to put on the market, the first one we staged. The house that we struggled with, argued over, worried about, lost sleep over.

It was the first house we ever sold.


I know that we have bigger and better things to look forward to. I know we will not be stuck in the 900 square feet that we currently live in forever. But that doesn't mean it was easy to let that house go. The mortgage payments...those I can live without.

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