Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Totally Awesome/Kinda Cool

Totally Awesome Things That Happened Lately:
  • WE GOT OUR CLOSING DOCUMENTS!!!! Monday morning at almost exactly 8 am the FedEx guy knocked on our door and presented me with the package we have been waiting to see for almost 1 1/2 years. As I was signing I told him that we were so happy to see those documents and I was so glad that it was over because it took them so long to get here...I didn't realize that would come across as a slam on their delivery time. Oops! By 9:30 am I was at Tim's office and we were done signing our names on the blue highlighted lines. Liz, one of the many lovely people that Tim works with, notarized everything and Tim headed over to the bank for the cashier's check. As of right now it should be in Colorado! WHOO HOO! Our closing is scheduled for 4 pm on Friday. Anyone want to join us for a bottle of champagne at 5 pm? :)
Tim thought I was crazy for documenting "the signing" but I want to remember every happy moment!!!

Brenden wanted to join in on "the signing" fun!

  • Sunday was another Change of Command for Tim's reserve unit. We attended the going away dinner (see below under "Kind Cool Stuff") and I thought that was going to be the last I heard of it. Then Tim came home and handed me a green folder with the kind of smile on his face that says, "This is actually really cool and I'm super excited about it but I don't want to brag." I opened it up and realized that he had received an award. The outgoing Colonel wanted to make sure Tim was recognized for all that he does so he recommended Tim for the Army Achievement Medal. :) Seriously, SO proud of him! Congratulations, Tim! Here is what it says:

This is to certify that the Secretary of the Army has awarded


To Captain Timothy J. Kelly
1st Brigade (Engineer), 102nd Division (Maneuver Support)

For meritorious service while assigned to the 1st BDE (Engineer), 102 Division (Maneuver Support). Your professionalism and devotion to duty reflect great credit upon yourself, the 1st Brigade and the United States Army.

Kinda Cool Stuff That Happened Lately:
  • The night before the Change of Command we headed to dinner at Ti Amo's (which is where we had our rehearsal dinner) for the going away dinner for Colonel James. Let me tell you, it was nice but dang was I nervous. I was not aware that we would be the youngest couple there by about 15 years. All of the other Army dudes were Lt. Colonels, Colonels, Majors (although the one Major I met was sooo funny) and who knows what else that may or may not have outranked Tim. I think I met one dude that Tim outranked, but the fact that he was an E-9 something or the other...yeah, he was super duper intimidating. I mostly kept my mouth shut, trying to pretend I knew what they were talking about when the acronyms started flying (ORB? NCORB? Um...I know what it is now that I asked) and smiling when it seemed like I was supposed to. Dinner was yummy and we made it through without getting salad dumped in our lap, unlike the guy across from me. Eventually, when it seemed like dinner was over, they started handing out presents to the outgoing Colonel. That took another hour. It was great to have a night out, but I could have done without the STRESS!! :)

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