Monday, May 17, 2010

Lauren's One Month Well Baby Check

Today was Lauren's one month check up. Let me just go knock my head against the wall for a second. One month!?! Where in the world did this last month go? It seemed like Karen had just flown in and then suddenly we were taking her back to the airport. (Boy we were spoiled. Who will cook now???)

Her stats today:

Weight - 9 lbs 5 oz. (50th percentile)

Length - 21 1/4 inches (75th percentile)

Head - they didn't tell me, although the doctor mentioned she had gained (Lauren is no where near what Brenden's head size was by now)

She's gained over a pound but stayed the same length, although she sure seems longer. We think it might be because she's stretching out more now instead of pulling her legs up all the time. She's staying awake for longer stretches and eating more. (Hence her crazy weight gain...which is good!) Her tear duct in her right eye is still too small so it causes lots of goopy eye gunk, but we're dealing with it. She's graduated from newborn sized diapers to size ones and has grown out of a lot of the little, tiny clothes. (That works out well for our friends Susan and Craig. Their daughter, Ottillie, is super tiny and we've already taken some clothes over.) She coos, focuses on faces or my fingers if I wiggle them, and kinda sorta smiles at us occasionally. She can hold her head up, which she's been doing for awhile, and she loves looking at the ceiling fan. What did she get the most comments about at this appointment? Her hair, of course. Even the doctor noticed it had grown. :)

She's doing fabulous and we're all very happy with how she is growing. I wish I could freeze her just like least for a little while. It's hard to accept that she's no longer a newborn. She's an infant! I'm trying to enjoy every moment, every tiny finger and toe, every small milestone she reaches. However, I'd like to stop enjoying midnight and 5 am. Whenever she wants to sleep through the night, we're ready. The doctor even said so! :)

Lauren, One Month Old

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