Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

This Memorial Day weekend was different for one big reason...Mike and Connie didn't go camping. Tom, Tim's uncle, came into town to celebrate his nephew's graduation and his own 50th birthday and we all thought it was going to be over Memorial Day. We were wrong! It was the weekend before and by the time we all realized it the campgrounds were all reserved. It was a great weekend, though!

Saturday we were supposed to head up to Independence, KS, to see Tim's grandparents. On Friday he realized just how tired he was and I agreed. It stinks that we were so exhausted but we plan on being up there over Father's Day weekend which is soon. I can't wait to see them all! Instead of a fun day at the park I spent the morning picking up the house while Tim tore down the beat up shed in our backyard. After Brenden's nap we headed over to see Tim's friend Kelley who got back from Iraq in March. We ate hotdogs and ribs and watched Brenden play in the pool with Kelley's girlfriend, Angie and her son Jarrett. It was great!

The next day we headed to Owasso to celebrate Cooper's 3rd birthday. (Cooper is my brother's fiancee's nephew.) Brenden had a blast squirting people with a water gun, playing on the playground and running through the fire hose that Isaac, Cooper's dad, brought out. He even did okay watching Cooper open his gifts and was especially excited to watch him open the gift we got him. I'm hoping he's learning the joy of giving early. :) He's very excited for his own birthday which he will happily tell you is in September. I made him some notecards with the months on them so that he can tell where we are in relation to September and he's very sad that June, July and August are in the way. Silly kid!

Gonna get ya!

Lauren sleeping on Aunt Meredith.

That night he went to stay with my parents and then we all met up the next morning at Mike and Connie's house to go out on the boat. It was the first time Lauren would be using her infant life jacket and surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all! I was a mess when we first let Brenden ride on the boat. Lauren slept the entire time, only waking up to eat when we stopped the boat to let Brenden, Tim and Mike swim. After some initial hesitation, Brenden had a great time with Tim in the inner tube. He even got brave enough to lay on one of the sides by himself.

We're on a boat! :)

So brave!

The weekend may have had a little less action than we had planned, but we were still worn out from all the fun. I think Tim and I are still recovering. Brenden, however, is ready to go! Anyone want to take a super excited toddler out on the boat?

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