Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Have a Problem

Brenden likes to box. He's really good at Wii boxing and he can give our couch pillows a beating like you wouldn't believe. If that was where it ended then all would be good in Brenden-land, but it's not.

Brenden likes to hit other people for fun.

I hate that he does this. I hate that when he went to a birthday party with my mom last weekend he actually hit a little girl in the face. For Fun. He gets excited and flails his arms around like a prize fighter, giggling like a fool. (This can be especially frightening for Tim since Brenden's fists are right at his waist line...eek!)

We've tried time outs, which upsets him and stops him from hitting...for a little while. We've tried taking away toys. We've made sure not to let him play Wii boxing anymore since I think that's where the behavior came from. We don't box with him when we play and we don't spank him. Hitting is not something that we have in our house.

So what else can we do? Has anyone else had a problem with this? What worked for you?

(Spanking is not, and never will be, an option for us. So anything other than that.)

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