Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Roundup

The weekend really started for us (minus Tim who was on a trip for the Army to beautiful Ft. Leonard Wood, MI *sarcam*) when we pulled into the driveway of Mike and Connie's house on Friday afternoon. I immediately relaxed on the couch while the kids proceeded to run their grandparents ragged. Thank you so much Mike and Connie for the ability to rest and actually heal! I didn't get much downtime after my surgery on Tuesday.

Some highlights of the weekend:

  • Friday we had dinner at Tomates Calientes in Skiatook which was really yummy! Lauren, even without a nap, had an awesome time waving at everyone and destroying her plate of rice. Brenden was the complete opposite and complained that his back was hurting, which is Brenden-speak for "I don't like my burrito." We had a long talk about that later.

  • Saturday the kids joined grandma and grandpa for some birthday party shopping for Lulu and were, of course, spoiled by trips to Burger King and a camping supply store. Brenden very happily showed off his Spiderman life jacket and binoculars and Lauren is still crazy excited about her reindeer slippers.
The King and Queen!
  • Saturday was also the day that I headed up to Arkansas City with my mom to celebrate my cousin Traver's little boy Brogan being born. I also got to meet Brandi, Brogan's mom, for the first time and let me tell you, she is so sweet and friendly but I absolutely hate her because you'd never know she had a baby, especially not two weeks ago! ;) (No I don't really hate her, she's awesome.) I got in some serious baby time with adorable little Brogan, had some time to chat with my cousins Delayna and Rebecca, and even stopped by to see my grandma Warehime on the way home. It was a great Saturday. 
Very proud great aunt!
So little!
Brandi is in the pink. Do you see what I mean?! :)
  • Sunday night after we picked up Tim and Jake we headed over to Jake and Bre's house to meet her fabulous family. We ate some crazy good chicken sandwiches, some fantastic dessert, and enjoyed just hanging out with her mom, sisters and sister-in-law. We are so lucky to know such great people.

  • brenden <----- Brenden wanted to contribute to this post. :) He loves typing his name.

  • One night, Mike and Brenden were being silly with some stickers. Mike would pretend to put a sticker on Brenden's head and then "push" it out somewhere else, like his ear or nose. Brenden, of course, thought it was hilarious and giggled uncontrollably every time a sticker popped out of the place he had chosen. At one point, he got a funny grin on his face, turned around, pulled down his pants and said, "Grandpa, push it out my booty!" Oh my gosh, it was hilarious! Of course, we had to have a talk about keeping his pants on in public. His college years should be veerrrryyy interesting! 

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