Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini Me

We've all heard the warnings about how our children repeat everything they see or hear. That's the main reason we started the "Swear Jar" when Brenden was still a baby, which went into his piggy bank and is still accumulating. (It's also why you'll hear me say "Poop!" if I stub my toe or slam my finger in a door.) I never realized that there was a good side to this as well.

I know Brenden has said and done things that I do that are funny. Just last night we were watching Kung Fu Panda, not sure where this new fascination came from, and there was a small crocodile marching around. He exclaimed, "Oh! Look at the cute little crocodile!" Yes, that definitely came from me.

It's become even more obvious with Lauren that they will do anything I do, bad and good, and lately it has been a lot of the latter. She likes to feed her babies and push them around in the little plastic car or her grocery cart. She tries to change their diapers, wash their hands, and once, even tried to wash her Boots "hair" by dunking his head in the toilet. (Boots is Dora's friend that is a monkey for those who are lucky enough not to know who I'm talking about.) My favorite by far is when one of her stuffed animals or babies falls down, either from being thrown by her brother or falling off of the couch where she has placed them, she immediately picks them up, cradles them, and asks, "What happened?" It is the most adorable, sweetest thing.

Sorry it's so long and for the loud background noises. I never know when she's going to do something adorable. :)

So many parts of parenting are difficult, draining, and downright make-you-want-to-pull-your-hair-out insane. Seeing these little things and realizing that, at least sometimes, I'm doing something right makes the rest of the day a little more manageable. 

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