Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lauren's New Room

I picked out Lauren's bedding for her nursery the day before we found out she was, in fact, a girl. It was one of the first things I purchased for her and I still love it. Since we were only renting our last house I decided to use decals of a cherry tree to decorate her walls. Once we moved I wanted to find another decal, only bigger, for her new room and place the flowers on it myself. Unfortunately, every one I found that I thought might work was crazy expensive. I hated the idea of spending so much money on something I didn't think would look like I wanted.

Instead, after Tim explained that paint was easy to cover and that we'd be in this house for a long time, I decided to dive in and put paint on our brand new walls. I already had the brown and green paint and my friend Bre ended up providing the tissue paper for the flowers. (Thanks Bre!) I could not be happier with how it turned out. It's the first room in our house to feel finished.

Just to the left of the door. She loves hiding in her tent. :)
Tree is complete!
The extra girly, bow, purses and princess dress wall.

And, because I'm crazy, I did some close up shots of the things I love most in her room.

My favorite handle I found at Hobby Lobby.
Thanks for helping me make this work, Tim!

The little branch.
And the big branch.
Thank you Pinterest! You rock!

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