Monday, January 16, 2012

Brenden's New Room

From the moment we told Brenden we were building a house he was obsessed with the idea of a new bedroom. Any time we came to see the progress he focused on where his room would be, where his bed would be placed, and what would be on the walls.

He always liked his Cars themed bedroom, but his interests have expanded since then to include trains, especially Thomas (hello 3rd birthday party!), and most recently anything and everything to do with space. Rockets, planets, name it, he wants to know about it. So when I asked what he would like his room to be decorated with, he begged for spaceships and stars, anything to do with the big sky above.

My research started on Pinterest, of course. I've been all over the internet searching for different ideas and things that I thought he would like. I think we did okay for our little boy who loves blue and anything with his name on it.

(Disclaimer: I'm not an interior designer, so far from it, and I know this isn't the most amazing thing ever, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. Brenden is pretty happy and that's what matters, right?)

"Look mommy, it's Saturn by my door!"
(Dog booties courtesy of grandma Karen and Grandpa Rick. Oh, and Ikea.) :)
The wall tracks have far. 
Looking in from the door. I'm not the best photographer, either. :)
His awesome rocket decal and glow in the dark planets. He knows most of them, now!
He loves pictures of himself with his friends and family.

So there you have it! Someday I hope to have bedding that matches, but it's not something I'm concerned about right now. So far, so good. On to the next room!

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