Thursday, September 23, 2010

3rd and 30! (Brenden and Tim's birthday party)

The 18th was the day we decided to celebrate both Brenden and Tim's birthdays. Tim came up with the line "3rd and 30" so we had a football theme for the invitations, which I thought was fun. I was also able to find some football themed plates and, of course, college football played in the background all day.

The house was cleaned, the food was cooked, the pool was set up and the trampoline (Brenden's big gift from all the grandparents and us) was put together the night before. We were ready to party! Brenden was shown his trampoline at the beginning and from then on out he was either in the pool or jumping. Tim and I fluttered from room to room, getting to chat with everyone for a little while and loving every minute.

The cakes were great. Brenden's was made by a lady at my mom's work and she did a great job. It was Thomas the Train, exactly like he wanted. I was able to get Tim a Wanda's cheesecake, which he was very excited about.

They were both showered with gifts. Lots of clothes and toys for Brenden, which he loves and a ton of beer and gift cards for Tim, which he loved as well! Tim's big gift was a kegerator kit, which he has wanted for a long time but didn't expect to get for awhile. By the time we got around to opening them Brenden was exhausted so I opened them for him. Since Saturday he has had a chance to play with all of them.

Thank you so much to all our family and friends that were able to be with us. We are all so happy you were able to make it and celebrate another happy year! (Mike - we saved you some beer! We'll celebrate with you soon!)

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