Saturday, September 25, 2010


I don't remember Brenden being so opinionated about what he does during the day. He was happy to lay down, stand up, or be held. He would take a bottle whatever way he could get it. Maybe I've blocked his bad baby moments from my memory. But Lauren, she makes her preferences known, very loudly. If you try to lay her down and she is not interested, watch out! You can't ignore her protests. If you put her into her bouncy chair and she'd rather be in her walker, you're eardrums may burst.

Her new thing is standing. She wants to stand in our lap, holding our hands, the entire time she's awake. If we try to put her in her highchair to feed her she will lock her legs and back, refusing to bend to the chair. The look she gives us reads something like, "Do you really think I was going to make this easy?"

She has been able to roll onto her stomach since right after she turned 4 months old, but once she's there she complains. She really does know how to roll back over but she refuses, preferring to scream until we roll her back over or pick her up. What makes me laugh is the fact that she hates being on her stomach during the day, but has become a tummy sleeper at night. How does that work?!?

She also will not drink her bottle unless she is laying flat on her back. I started doing it when she was younger because I thought it helped with her reflux, so it really is my fault. Holding her during a bottle? Unacceptable. She will flail and shake her head, make it impossible to feed her and causing formula to get all over her face.

I think we may have our hands full with this one. I thought Brenden was a handful, but she might just give her brother a run for his money!

It's hard to be mad at someone so cute!

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