Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Brenden!

My wonderful Brenden,

Exactly three years ago today, at exactly 11:47 am, I became your mommy. Three years have come and gone so quickly. You have turned from that tiny little baby into a "big boy" with big boy thoughts and a big boy attitude. Still, I wouldn't change a single thing about you. The road from age 2 to age 3 has been an interesting one. Everything from how you eat, to when you nap, to who lives in your house has changed.

Your vocabulary expands everyday, even though you still sometimes get tripped up on your words when you get too excited. But OH, when you are excited we can't help but smile! Even the smallest things, like allowing you to have some extra chocolate milk (Your favorite!) causes you to exclaim, "OH! Thank you, mommy!" It's like I'm handing you the keys to Disney World. I hope this love for the little things in life stays with you forever.

The things you know surprise me constantly. I didn't realize that you knew the difference between "bigger" and "smaller". I was amazed the first time you were able to repeat an entire scene from Polar Express. (Another of your favorite things!) You immediately picked up on the idea of the memory game where you turn over the cards and found more than I did. I'm in shock watching you play our Wii. You're better at some of those games than I am!

Showing Uncle Justin how it's done.

In April you became a big brother. Suddenly there was a new person to take up everyone's attention. At the time I thought the transition was really difficult, but looking back I can see that you handled it remarkably well. You are constantly worried about Lauren's diaper, or where her pacifier is, or if she is awake or asleep. You call her "your baby Lauren" and introduce her to everyone we meet. "She's so cute!" you'll exclaim. And you are the center of her world already. She watches you bounce around from one side of the room to the other, smiling at all the silly things you do. She loves her big brother more than I ever could have hoped.

Your obsession with our animals has not changed one bit. Romeo and Riley are still two of your favorite things in the entire world and you are always aware of where they are. They are finally okay with you petting them and playing with them. Romeo in particular is very fond of your ability to throw his ball. The cats have warmed up to you, especially since Maverick is a big fan of playing fetch as well.

You are still friendlier and more loving than I thought a little boy could be. When we go shopping you make a point to say hello to everyone we pass. Any child we meet is instantly your best friend who you can't wait to show your room and your toys. You've shared some of your favorite possessions, like your video game or a new race car, with complete strangers without even being asked. If someone is hurt you are the first to blow a kiss at them and tell them it's "all better". The random hugs I get throughout the day, or the times when you tell me "Mommy you're beautiful!" make my heart swell with happiness.

"It's my favorite!" is one of your most common phrases. There are many things that have made your list of favorites along side chocolate milk and Polar Express. They include: the show Wipeout, Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, any board game you happen across, going out on the boat, every single race car you own, playing soccer (or any other sport), your bean bag toss game, riding on the wave runner, all of your grandparents, Mickey Mouse Club House, several of your books, Romeo and Riley, your daddy, and any number of other things throughout the day. I love that so many things make you so happy.

You make us laugh every day, intentionally and unintentionally. I never knew that a little boy could have such a sense of humor! You like to pretend not to know something, like calling me "daddy" and giggling madly. You make the funniest faces! And if we're sad you know exactly how to cheer us up.

You are our big helper, whether we like it or not! No matter what we're doing, washing the dishes, feeding Lauren, folding the laundry, mowing the lawn, you are always there to say "I wanna help!" Sometimes you're more in the way than really helpful, and often you'll become bored with the task long before we're done, but that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate the thought.

Brenden, you are my absolute favorite little boy and I am so proud that you call me mommy. I don't know what I would do without you.

Happy Birthday my crazy monkey!

Love Always,


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