Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Year Well Check - Brenden

Today I took Brenden to the doctor Lauren has seen since she was born, Dr. Koul. It was his 3 year well check and it went better than I had hoped.

He is now 39 inches tall (80%) and 37 lbs (90%). She asked me how tall Tim is, which is a common question, and told me she thinks Brenden will be taller. We'll see! She was happy with his growth and development but not so happy with his ears. Double ear infection! We had no idea. He's been swimming, jumped around on his trampoline all day Saturday, and had never once complained. He must have never gotten over it from his last one which was about a month ago. She called him a "tough cookie".

Other than some antibiotics he's doing great. She did ask if he goes in time out, which of course I said he did. She seems to think he doesn't mind well, even asked me if I babied him. I laughed! I told her I think I'm pretty evil, sometimes. She said that was good! HA! I think the problem today was that he was excited to be at the doctor's office (crazy kid!) and also, he has a double ear infection! He may not be able to hear me.

We're very proud of our big boy and I hope we can get his ears cleared up soon. Maybe then he'll listen better. Or maybe he's just three!

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