Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, Tim!!!

Today my awesome husband Tim turns 30! I'm a huge fan of lists and, in honor of his birthday, I decided to make a list of all the things that make him so wonderful. I could go on and on, but I'll keep it to 30. :)

1. Every yard we have had he has mowed and cared for without a single complaint. I actually assumed he liked doing it until I mentioned it and he corrected me.

2. He's our very own handy man. If there is even a slight chance he might be able to fix it, he is always ready to try.

3. Even on crutches he was always willing to lend a hand around the house. Whether it was doing dishes or hopping around with the vacuum cleaner, he was ready to help.

4. Everyone has their days when they are just "done". When I have those days he understands and takes over for me, even after a long day at work.

5. He gets excited about the kids' milestones with me, like Brenden drawing a circle or Lauren chewing on her feet.

6. He makes some darn cute kids!

7. When we sold our Mazda, which we both loved, he had no problem driving an older, not as nice, car. I would not have been quite as happy.

8. When I was stuck at an automotive service station for hours waiting on a simple oil change he not only understood my frustration and anger but agreed that we would never go there again. It's nice to have someone agree that your feelings are justified and not make you feel like a crazy, just-had-a-baby, lady.

9. When it comes to getting our cars fixed he is the king of price comparisons. After a dealership told us it would be over $2,000 to fix our catalytic converter he spent days researching muffler shops. Eventually he found someone who was able to do it for less than $400.

10. He has no problem eating pizza with me every week, or even more often than that if I beg.

11. When I'm upset or angry, he'll always hug me, even when I don't think I want him to.

12. He trusts me at home with the kids, which was HUGE to me when I first had Brenden. I didn't trust myself, but he was always behind me 100%.

13. He never complains when Brenden and I call him at work. Or send him a text message. Or email him a random picture.

14. When Brenden really misses his daddy he will always take time out of his day to talk to him. He'll listen to Brenden blabber about pottying, or watching Wipeout, or singing a silly song, or that the dog just licked his hand.

15. He never had a problem getting up in the middle of the night to feed Lauren and would only ask me to do it if he had to get up super early.

16. He always comes up with the silliest nicknames for our kids, like Curly and Super Tongue, which correlate to the stage they are currently in.

17. He answers my phone when I really don't want to.

18. When he was able to work out, before his knee surgery, he motivated me to work out as well. He lead completely by example. I know that he'll do that again.

19. He will always be older than me. ;)

20. He's never made fun of my obsession with taking pictures. Sometimes he ever remembers to take pictures of me as well.

21. He works hard at both of his jobs and he's darn good at them!

22. Understands that I really hate changing the cat litter and has no problems doing that chore so I don't have to.

23. He complained very little about how long he had to be on crutches. I know I would have been a wreck about it.

24. Lets me talk, and talk, and talk, and TALK...even when he's really not in the mood to listen. Sometimes I just can't be quiet.

25. Totally took the hint when I flirted with him at the bar. I wish I had kept the slip of paper he wrote his number on!

26. He knows that sometimes, when I'm being snippy, I just need to eat, and he's figured out how to gently tell me.

27. He always thanks me when he knows I've worked hard during the day to take care of the kids, do the laundry, clean the house and cook dinner. I'm not sure he realizes just how much that means.

28. He calls when he's going to be late at work, or makes sure I know when to expect him. It really helps me plan my day and it's nice to not have to be surprised.

29. He was the one that wanted me to start writing this blog. I'm so glad that he encouraged me. I love looking back and seeing just how far we've come and how much we've changed.

30. He's the most wonderful, caring, loving husband and father that I've ever met and we are so lucky to have him!

Happy 30th Birthday, Tim! I cannot wait to see what the next 30 years bring. I love you!

This is the entire slideshow that Connie helped me make for Tim. Awesome pictures! (Just FYI...If you point your mouse at it you have the option of playing music. Click on the speaker with the red dash through it and it will start automatically.)

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