Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Hi!

Between Christmas with a ton of family, which was amazing, Brenden having tubes put in his ears, trying to push things around the house to make it look like a home, Lauren's 2 year molars popping through (Lord help us...and I mean that literally), and a million other things, I've barely had time to think about what to write on here. Several things have happened that are awesome, a few that were terrible (So sorry Meredith, Whitney, and family for the loss of your grandma.) and even thinking about sitting down sounds like a terrible idea because I might fall asleep on my keyboard.

So, to start back up, I thought pictures of the house would be in order since that's the biggest thing going on for us right now. The kids' rooms are coming along well, we just got all the pictures hung in the hallway, and our bedroom looks like an actual bedroom. We've even managed to move stuff around enough to get the cars parked in the garage. It's kind of crazy to think that less than a month ago there was absolutely nothing here at all. To say we love it here would be an understatement, although we both wish our cell phones had better reception, or any reception at all sometimes. (We did find two tiles that get decent reception in the kitchen, which is not saying much.)

So, here you go, the house so far.

Lauren's room
I love her flowers. Thanks Karen and Rick!
Brenden's room.
His solar system is awesome. He already knows most of the planets!
The hallway 'o pictures. Tim did a great job!
Our room. 
Someday I'll show people our bathroom, but not yet! 
That's where we're at. Not a bad start. We have so many ideas and we're so ready to get started. But first, a fence for the backyard. Hopefully next month!



Laura said...

Amanda, this looks great! I can't believe how settled in you are already - pictures on the walls and everything! And everything is just beautiful. Hope the cell phone reception improves.

The Kellys said...

Thank you! We're so excited to feel "at home". :)

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