Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Friday Family Fun

When Brenden was small, we started getting friends together to have Pizza and a Movie night. (I totally stole the idea from my friend, Amber.) We had a blast hanging out with our friends and laughing at some of the terrible movie choices. ("Balls Out" and the second "Crank" were both awful, no matter what Tim says.) Eventually, we stopped getting together for a number reasons. We moved, having two kids, getting busy with work, etc.

This past Friday I decided it was time to start our tradition back up, but just with our tiny family. (We hope to have some friends join us, too, sometime!) I thought it'd be fun to actually make our own pizzas, with the kids making "mini pizzas" on their own. It went even better than I had hoped. Brenden and Lauren loved "painting" their biscuits with sauce and the pizza dough mix I bought for Tim and I worked out well. 

Brenden and his mounds of cheese. 
Lauren decided to sample the sauce first.
Cook, pizza, cook!

Brenden received "Return to Neverland" for Christmas (Thanks great grandpa Ralph!) and it was the perfect movie to watch with both kids, especially since they decided to snuggle up to me, which is rare. It was, by far, my favorite family night to date. I hope to have many more very soon.

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