Monday, March 26, 2012


As my mom mentioned to me the other day, I haven't posted anything in a very LONG time. Sorry! I've just been busy being busy. Kids, house, husband, trips, beautiful days, testing, doctor appointments, mud, fence, lack of sleep, too much sleep, headaches, more doctor appointments...yeah. So here is the condensed version of what we've been up to:

  • Remember all that sleep stuff? On the 8th I headed back in to have the MSLT and oh boy, that didn't go as expected. Lauren had a rough night and I barely got any sleep. When I told them that they explained that there was no way they would do my test if I hadn't had 6 hours of sleep the night before . Of course, I burst into angry tears. I have been trying to figure out this sleep thing for months and this was supposed to be the last big test before I was able to get some answers and maybe some medication to help with my exhaustion. No one mentioned that my test would be cancelled based on lack of sleep. I finally completed it on March 22nd and it was not fun. I thought sleeping would be easy. Ha! My head was killing me. I have a follow up on Thursday so fingers crossed.
  • March 9th was my 29.2 birthday (also known as 31st) and, while I thought it was going to be rough because Tim was in Chicago and Brenden was sick, it turned out really great. I met my family, which now includes my friends Bre, Jake and Andrew (my sister at heart!) at Andolini's in Owasso. After stuffing ourselves silly with pizza, pasta, garlic knots and salad, the kids headed home with Mike and Connie and I hung out with Bre and her family, watched a movie, and devoured a delicious cake. I spent the weekend being lazy, going shopping and thoroughly relaxing while Tim worked like crazy and the kids were spoiled by the grandmas. It wasn't the original plan, but it turned out great. (Although I missed Tim and the kids.) 
  • The next weekend I headed out to JABMAT (Just Another Business Meeting and/or Training), which is really just my friend Susan and I getting together to enjoy a few days of relaxing and eating at restaurants with no kids. It was awesome. I highly recommend this type of getaway for any parent. It's a lot easier to deal with sick kids, teething, attitudes, and a dirty house when you've had a few days of housekeeping and quiet meals.  
  • My mom's birthday was the 22nd and she requested a simple bar-b-que at our house on Saturday, the 24th. We sat around outside enjoying the beautiful weather, watched the kids play in our muddy backyard, and laughed at the awful mess Tim and I made of a homemade cheesecake. One of those rare, perfect days. 

Looking over this list, I realize that it looks like all I did for the past few weeks is relax, sleep, and then relax again. I'll understand if you're jealous. However, I will also let you borrow my very-much-into-her-terrible-twos-and-teething little girl. You may not be so jealous after that. :)

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