Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Days

It's been a few weeks since Brenden's first day of pre-k, but today was Lauren's very first day at her new preschool. I knew she was excited to go because she cried every time we dropped Brenden off and begged to go see "her school".

It's crazy to see the difference from last year to this year. Brenden was excited about school and really enjoys it, but has had some strange anxieties pop up that we've had to deal with. I'm not sure what triggered it exactly, but he was suddenly terrified of dams and the earth flooding. (i.e. Hoover Dam) He refused to get in the car if the garage door was open and stood next to his teacher during recess because he was so scared. We had a long chat about not living near dams, what he could do to not be so scared (pray, think about rainbows) and read about Noah and the Ark and how God promised never to flood the earth again. It took a few weeks but he's finally past it. I was really worried about him!

Now, he's absolutely thriving. He has friends, loves his teachers (Who he said were "really smart but kind of weird." Huh???) and is enjoying having homework! I even had a mom come up to me at Back to School night and tell me that Brenden helped her son on his first day of school, which was 2 days after the official first day of school. Brenden ran up to him, introduced himself and decided that the new boy was his "best friend!" His mom said she was able to leave much earlier than she expected and it was all because Brenden helped his new friend feel comfortable. *proud mommy moment!*

Lauren's very first day last year began with screaming, as did many of her drop offs for months after that, but I was sure this year would be a little better. Can you say "total opposite"? Not only did she happily pose for me with her new backpack, but she practically skipped into class and promptly forgot that I was there. I had to go up to her to tell her goodbye and she didn't even glance up from playing. I hope the rest of her day went as smoothly!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with both kids in school. Tim's guess was "lots of crafting" and he may be right! I'm hoping I can be a little more productive than that.

I have to find SOMETHING to do to keep myself from worrying about my babies! Any suggestions?

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