Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh yeah...this blog thingy.

Hi there! Yep, I've been gone for awhile. I actually haven't been on the computer (I don't count my Blackberry as one, even though it does almost everything our desktop does) in almost a week and a half. Oops! I realized that it had been too long when I received an email from someone asking if our blog was having problems. (Hi, Elaine! Thanks for checking on us!)

Even if I had been online I'm not sure I would have blogged. Who really wants to hear me complain about our cruddy renters and awful property manager again? (STILL haven't heard from either of them. And for some reason the PM needs until July 10th to finish repairs. URGH!) Or another family member in the hospital? (my grandma Halter...something is up with her blood) Or how our car has broken down for the 3rd time? (something "in the back" is what the tow guy said. AGAIN?!?) Or Brenden's molars that are giving all of us a headache? (seriously, 2 months of them is enough) So yeah, not much happy to blog about.

There were a few high lights that I haven't put on here. It's not all gloom and doom, although most days it feels like it. On the 27th I attended my 10 year class reunion. EEK! I learned a lot from Tim when he was planning his and his budget definitely came in handy. My friend, Cassie, handled most of the work and I was more of a sounding board. It would not have happened without her!

Dewey High School - Class of 1999

That morning we had a picnic at Sooner Park in Bartlesville. It was super hot but it turned out that the shade and the breeze made it pretty nice! We all ate hot dogs and hamburgers (Thanks, Shaunda!) and hung out just catching up. We even ended up having a bouncy toy for the kids to play in thanks to the Class of 1984 that was having a very small gathering at the tables near us. That night we had a small but fun gathering at the Canteen. We were entertained with some class member related bingo, 1999 trivia and a seriously funny game that included plungers and rolls of toilet paper. (Thanks, Jeannie! We will not forget that!) It was awesome to see everyone and I think everyone had a good time. I'm excited for the next one...especially since Cassie and I don't plan on planning it! :)

The next day Tim, Sean and I redid the floor in my mom's bathroom. It wasn't exactly the most exciting day for us but my mom was thrilled, so that made it worth it. Brenden was so eager to help. He's already a great helper, loves cleaning and throwing things away. He's pretty good at not throwing random things in there! The only thing I found in the trash that shouldn't have been in there was a sippy cup, and it was empty so I guess he thought that's where it went.

Helping dad cut measure the final tile.

I'll try to keep up with our blog a little better from now on, but I'm not going to make too many promises. Hopefully we'll have some good news, either on the house, the car, or the molars. Somethings got to give, right?

P.S. A HUGE Thank You to Karen and Rick!!! They spent an entire day fighting the humongous weeds (we're talking over 3 feet high) and fixing the fence on our house in Colorado. I'm looking for flights to come out there and fix you that meatloaf, guys! :)

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