Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayers, Thoughts...Anything will do.

This week has been bad, very bad. My aunt is in the hospital and has been since Sunday with dehydration and exhaustion. Her husband, my uncle, was life flighted to Wichita with a gun shot wound yesterday afternoon. Some stupid reporter decided to incorrectly report on their online version of the paper that he had died. He's still in critical condition, although he's not expected to make it. Karen is just now headed to the ER for her appendix

Prayers, thoughts, even just good, healing vibes sent their way...any of that would be appreciated.


Update: Not 5 minutes after I posted this my mom called. My uncle is awake!!! Absolutely, totally a miracle. He has some swelling in his brain, may suffer from some vision loss, but other than that they think he may be released in a day or two. Wow! God is good. :)


JacylannNix said...

I am so glad he woke up! that is an answered prayer! I hope he heals well! prayers your way! <3

The Kellys said...

Thank you!

Heather said...

Oh Amanda - {{{big hugs}}}! I'm glad that your uncle is recovering well, and hope that everything goes well for Karen and your aunt.

The Kellys said...

Thanks, Heather!

It turns out it wasn't Karen's appendix. It looks more like a really awful ovarian cyst, or a couple of ovarian cysts. Thankfully she's going home soon and won't need surgery. A double dose of good news! :)

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