Friday, June 5, 2009

He's a Fish!!!!

Today was Brenden's first swimming lesson. Tim and I both thought that he would like it. I mean, he begs to go in the bathtub all day long and had a blast running in front of a fire hose. How could he not like it? Thankfully, we were right.

I showed up a little too early and Brenden had a minor meltdown because I didn't immediately let him run out into the water. Not going to make that mistake again! Tim decided to take a few hours off from work to come to the first lesson since he wouldn't be able to come to any of the other ones. Both Brenden and I are so glad that he could make it!

Tim grabbed Brenden's hand and walked him into the water down one of their the gently sloping ramps. (A genius way to get kids used to the water slowly....I so should have expected that. Duh!) Immediately Brenden wanted to walk on his own and actually made it halfway down before the water was a bit too deep. They were the first to meet up with the instructor, who's name I cannot remember, and she handed them a watering can to get wet with. Amazingly, Brenden was not having that. He screeched and wailed and did NOT want his dad pouring water on him. Um...weird! We do that every time he takes a bath!

Eventually the other 3 little kids made it out to the pool with their moms. Each Diaper Dolphin class only has 4 kids so it's not overwhelming at all. They blew bubbles in the water, which Brenden eventually did once, splashed around after floating toys, learned how to crawl out of the pool (Brenden was the first one out...shocking), and jumped off the side. They sang songs and floated around and all of the kids really seemed to enjoy it. By the end, every time Tim put Brenden on his belly he would flail his arms around or kick his feet. I have a feeling he'll be doggy paddling before we know it.

The entire time they were in there I watched from an observation room. I took a few blurry pictures with Tim's phone and waved every 2 seconds when Brenden would yell at me. Tim said he talked to me the entire time. I am still amazed that I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Maybe subconsciously I was worried about getting a camera too close to the water, because we all know, cameras do not like water! :) However, I have heard from a very reliable source (Mike!) that my camera has dried out and possibly even works! Hallelujah! I'm ready to check it out!

I thought for sure Brenden would be impossible to get out of the pool and even worse to get out of the building. He ended up doing just fine - maybe he was tired - and we headed to Jason's Deli. We don't eat out very often so Fridays are a big day for Tim. He even has his own little song, which I cannot get out of my head, that he sings on Thursday nights. :) Brenden ate more than I've seen him eat in months. He very happily chomped on grilled cheese, chunks of cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, tomatoes, name it from the salad bar. I thought I was the only kid that ever loved cantaloupe. I guess I passed that on!

By the time we got back to the house Brenden seemed to be exhausted. He was sitting in his carseat, staring out the window, and singing "Mi mi mi mi, mo mo mo mo" over and over again very quietly. (I have a feeling it was about Mickey Mouse.) As soon as I pulled him out of the car he had his head on my shoulder and by the time I got to his bed I think he was half asleep. I took him roughly 5 seconds to close his eyes and by the time I got everything from the car into the house he was snoring. :)

Fridays are looking like awesome days!

Here are the pictures I took. I told you, they're blurry! (click to enlarge)

Trying to get him to let dad pour water on him. He was not impressed!

I think they were swinging them around in the water.

Splish, splash! "Swimming" towards the edge.

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