Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson and Dillon!

This past weekend I smushed myself into the back of my parents Tahoe and hugged my grandma's walker for 2 hours to head to Oklahoma City for the twin's birthday party. Brenden and grandma Halter watched Cars and I tried to keep them both happy with crackers and juice while my mom drove. Everything went pretty well until about 20 minutes before we got to the house, which is when Brenden started freaking out and grabbing at the buckle for his carseat. He was DONE! (I didn't blame him!) Thankfully a few rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" distracted him.

The entire weekend Brenden followed the twins like a little puppy. He wanted to do what they were doing, play with what they were playing with, eat and drink what they had. I don't think they were too keen on this, but they tolerated him to an extent. They all loved the bubble blowers my dad bought them, even though only one of the three worked, and they spent Saturday evening scrambling all over the backyard to pop them.

Sunday morning, after helping my uncle put together a huge, dome climbing thing and getting Brenden to take a nap, we headed to the PlayZone where the party was being held. It's a really cool place with inflatable jumping toys and slides. The twins go there every once in awhile so they were pros and thankfully Brenden had jumped around in one at Tim's Reunion so he knew what to do.

Jackson showing us how it's done!

He LOVED it! :)


Eventually, after crawling in, out, around and down everything a million times we headed into the side room to have cake and ice cream and watch the boys open their presents. Brenden thought everyone was singing to him so he really enjoyed the cake part and he kept himself entertained for about 2 seconds with the content of his gift bag. My mom did end up taking him outside to jump around so he didn't scream to open the presents himself.

Adorable cake!

Somehow we got the room cleaned up and all the presents packed in the car and headed back to the house. Rick had set up the boys' pool before we left so that the water could warm up and Delayna brought over a few of the news toys. The bubble blower the boys got is soooo cool. It makes huge bubbles with little bubbles inside them, which I was totally jealous of. :) Brenden and the twins had a great time chasing bubbles and splashing in the pool. Brenden even showed his grandma how he learned to blow bubbles in the water!

Can you see the bubbles in the bubble? Cool, huh!? :)


I'm not sure how we got any of them to bed that night with all the sugar in their systems and the bubbles in the backyard, but we did! You would think that Brenden would be exhausted and sleep like a champ...yeah right! He was up at 6:30 am, just like any other day. I'm not sure who reset his internal alarm over the last month but I need to take him back for an adjustment!

We squeezed back into the car to head home relatively early in the day. During the ride home Brenden somehow ended up eating crackers, french fries, a piece of hamburger, animal crackers and his favorite, donut holes. When he passed out (only 15 minutes from home...Joy!) he was covered in sugar and I thought for sure I was in for a nasty afternoon. SOMEHOW he stayed asleep from the car to his bed and took a decent nap, waking up 2 hours later, still sticky, but very happy.

I'm so glad we got to go celebrate and have fun with the twins. I hope they had a great time as well!

Brenden, totally jealous of their vSmile. :) But he did OK watching!

Happy Birthday Jackson and Dillon!

For more pictures, click HERE!

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