Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I'm totally stealing this idea from Bear and Bug's Mommy. :) (Thanks, Heather!)

So...who does Brenden look more like? In the delivery room we all thought he was his daddy's twin.

Meeting Brenden...Sept. 16th, 2007.

Our Baby Pictures:

Tim - 2 days old

Brenden - 1 week old

Amanda - 2 days old


Tim and Brenden (17 months old)

Amanda and Brenden (18 months old)


Jes said...

I think he's a VERY good combination of the two of you. He has your eyes, but Tim's cheeks. And while he was a dead ringer for Tim the second he was born, from the baby pictures you provided I'd say he more closely resembled you. ;]

The Kellys said...

Thanks, Jes! I think he's a good mix, too. But everytime we go somewhere people always comment about how much he looks like his dad. :) Not that it bothers me anymore...heck, I married his dad so I don't think he's awful looking! hehe

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