Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Lot of Firsts

The last week and a half or so Brenden has had many firsts. The easiest way for me to tell you about them? A list!

1. Brenden's First Pet! - Yes, I know we already have 2 dogs and 2 cats and those are technically also Brenden's pets. Still, since Romeo and Riley were around before Brenden they don't really count as HIS first pets. We've been thinking about getting him a fish for awhile now. It's easy, it's colorful, and it doesn't take up much room. So that is how Pete (after OSU's Pistol Pete...yep, he's orange) came into our living room and became one of Brenden's favorite things to watch and say. "Pete! Peeeeete!" he'll squeal. He helps me feed him loves trying to get his attention.

Hi, Pete!

2. Brenden's First Dance Class! - Working at the dance studio has a lot of perks, one of which is getting to have Brenden in a summer class. There are only 2 of them in the class, Ava is 3 and ADORABLE, which is working out great. There aren't too many kids to distract him, and now that Shelly's son is able to help Brenden is really catching on. They are learning tumbling, like walking like a crab and bear walks, stretching, very simple ballet and end up running around like crazy. It's great for getting some of his pent up, WAY too hot to be outside for too long, energy out of his system.

Shelly showing Brenden how to stretch.

3. Brenden's First Soccer Class! - Organized sports for kids under 2? Let's just say that "organized" is used loosely. There are about 10 kids, both boys and girls, all between the age of 18-24 months. The coach was a little confused on what to expect from them and started by trying to ask them questions to get to know them better. The parents all looked at her like she had lost her mind. You expect my 21 month old son to be able to tell you his favorite color? How about you just ask him to point to his dad. After that awkward start we had a blast. We played Red Light/Green Light (Brenden's "yellow" walk is hilarious!), built a cone tower, played with bubbles, had fun with a parachute, and of course kicked around soccer balls. A big thank you to Grandma Connie for Brenden's "soccer uniform." :)

So excited!

Where are the rest of the pictures? Right HERE! :)

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