Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 months old!

Three months old...seriously?!? How did that happen?? My oh my how time flies, especially with 2 kiddos keeping me on my toes.

Lauren changes every day. Her hair has started really curling and her eyes are a beautiful dark blue. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they stay that way, although if they change we're just fine with that, too! She is definitely a coo-er and loves to gurgle any chance she gets. And oh her little laughs! So very cute. She's started blowing spit bubbles, which led to a lot of drooling and her first day of wearing a bib.

She will fall asleep just about anywhere when she gets tired, from the carseat to the floor on her play mat. She still demands, very loudly, to be put in bed at 8 pm. She still has no tolerance for wet diapers, which we're hoping means she'll be easier to potty train. She hasn't started rolling just yet and still hates tummy time, but her core muscles are strong! She's already trying to sit on her own and has almost mastered it with the boppy. She definitely likes the Bumbo!

Beautiful little girl.

She has finally gotten used to the carseat and doesn't scream bloody murder every time we try to put her in there. Part of that is the fact that we took the head support out and she is more upright. I think she can see a lot farther now, too, so she can see her toys that hang from the bar. She is most definitely going to be a "blanket" baby because she enjoys holding onto fabric, whether it's a burp cloth, her shirt, or one of her bunny blankets.

Snoozing with her little blanket.

It's amazing how much we know about her now. What makes her happy, what she wants when she cries, and how she likes to fall asleep. (One hand over her pacifier and the other over her ear.) I cannot imagine our family without her and her adorable little face.

We love you, Lauren!

3 months old!

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