Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Not the metaphorical type. The real life, metal, hurt your armpits type. Well...just Tim's armpits.

Tim's knee has been bothering him for roughly six years. He was running a marathon (Craziness!) and sometime during the 26.2 miles hurt his right knee. He's complained about it, had doctors look at it, and went through physical therapy. None of those things helped, so he went to another doctor for an MRI. That test showed he had water on his knee and a torn lateral meniscus. The only way to really fix it was surgery.

His surgery was scheduled for the 16th. We headed out early while the kids drove grandma Connie crazy. (She also made us enchiladas...thanks, Connie!) We were told to get to the hospital at 11:30 pm for pre-surgery preparations and then he would be taken back at 1:30 pm. Tim got dressed in his sah-weet purple hospital gown with matching socks and hat and we waited. And waited. And waited. By 2:30 pm Tim was STARVING. He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. When 3:30 pm rolled around we were all getting a little anxious. They finally rolled him back at 3:50 pm and Mike and I headed down to the cafeteria so I could eat way too much greasy food.

That's hot.

We made it back up to the waiting room at 4:20 pm and the doctor called about 30 seconds later. It turned out that Tim had more damage to his cartilage than they thought so they had to clean it out and hope that it would grow back. What that really meant was that Tim would be on crutches for 7-10 days instead of the 2 days we expected. Tim was not happy about that development. Other than the pain in his knee, he did fine with surgery and the anesthesia. He was good to go home about an hour after they brought him out.

Brenden has a habit of jumping on us so we thought that the first few days would go better for Tim's knee if he hung out with the grandparents. Friday night and Saturday morning he was spoiled at grandma and grandpa Kelly's house. He played with racecars, was taken out for a yummy breakfast and went fishing for the first time. Saturday night and Sunday he hung out with grandma Warehime and the spoiling continued. He was able to see his great-grandmas, go to church to play with the kids, and hang out at Kiddie Park.

Our weekend at home was nowhere near as exciting. Tim spent most of the time working on his Captain's Career Course and icing his knee while Lauren slept and I did house stuff, like arguing with the weed eater and mowing the yard. Exciting! And so very HOT.

Helping daddy work.

We are all ready for Tim to feel better. Tim has a big old case of cabin fever and I'm still exhausted from mowing. Hopefully this will be the only surgery he needs. If it's not, we may all go a bit crazy. (And I may hire a lawn service.)

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