Sunday, October 23, 2011

House Update 10-22-11

First off, we got an email last week with a few solid dates in it, which we didn't expect. It looks like we'll have our first walk through November 21st, our second walk through on December 1st, and scheduled closing for December 6th. OH MY GOSH. It's really truly real! We had also decided to lock in our rate the day before, and we're very happy with that decision. Big thanks again to Steve at Swift Home Loans for that suggestion.

On to pictures!

Garage doors! Brick!

Tile!! We also have finished tile in the entryway, both bathrooms, and the laundry room.

A closer view at the brick, which I'm still super happy with.

We also peeked into the garage and found all of our cabinets, doors, and trim. We're really happy with those choices, too. Tim noticed that the design on the doors sort of match the design of the cabinet doors. Yay for unplanned coordination!

So, who's coming over to help us pack? :)

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