Monday, October 24, 2011


Finally had Lauren's appointment to find out the results of her cat scan. It's definitely a Thyroglossal Duct Cyst, which is thankfully never cancerous. It's about 2 cm, almost an inch, so it's considered small but on such a tiny person it seems huge. He actually said that it can get bigger or smaller throughout the day, but not noticeably from what I've seen. 

When babies are growing in utero, their thyroid starts at the base of their tongue. As they get closer to their due date it moves down the neck, leaving a sort of tunnel that usually closes. On some people it doesn't close and can collect fluid, creating a knot, that can become infected if it's not treated. Once it's infected it is much more difficult to remove. They will end up removing her hyoid bone, which will not limit her in any way, and that should keep it from happening again. He said there is less than a 10% chance of re-occurrence by doing that. 

We scheduled her surgery for December 2nd (that's going to be a busy month!) but we don't have a time yet. I'm not sure if she'll stay overnight or not yet, but I do know she'll have a drain. Hopefully someone can take Brenden that weekend so we can make sure he doesn't accidentally do anything to hurt her. Plus she'll need a lot of attention and that's hard to do with both of them. 

We would do it sooner but her cat scan showed something that looked like pneumonia on her right lung. She's not showing any signs of being sick, but he wants to put her on antibiotics so they can be sure she's fine when they do surgery. Also, he'll be out of town right before Thanksgiving and he doesn't want to be gone while she's recovering. He doesn't believe waiting will hurt her at all. 

So that's the plan! Not the most horrible thing ever but not fun. 

Thank goodness for answers!

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