Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer Progress!

I was afraid this morning. After last weekend's cryfest, I just knew today was going to be awful.

I was completely, totally wrong. YAY!

Brenden very happily ran onto the field, tear free, telling everyone that he was going to get blue soccer socks. (His reward for an entire game without crying.) The only thing he even started to whine about was not getting to use his own ball, but that lasted maybe 2 seconds.

Did our team score a single goal? No. We have the most timid team ever. Did Brenden pay attention to where the ball was? No. He was more concerned with running with his "new best friend" Billy or watching his shadow. Did Lauren sit and watch the game? Heck no. She played in the car, which we learned was the easiest thing to do with her. We could still watch because we parked close to the field and we switched off so one of us was out there for Brenden.

Did we have fun? You better believe it! Little kid soccer is one of the funniest things ever.

Just watch:

Bunch Ball!

Love it!

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