Thursday, December 1, 2011


These children...they slay me. :)


Lauren: *opens lunchbox that I told her not to*

Me: *snatches lunchbox*

Lauren: *cries* "NO! That's MINE! Not nice!"

Me: "I told you not to open it. Sorry."

Lauren: "Give it back!"

Me: "Sorry, kiddo." *thinks: Did I seriously just get into an argument with my 19 month old?!*

(On one hand, I'm super impressed that she has the vocabulary to have a conversation with us. And on the other, I just do not even want to be around when she's a teenager arguing with me.) 


Brenden's new favorite saying has become, "Hey you guuuuuys!" It's equally funny and annoying at the same time. I thought for sure it was from The Goonies, although I have no idea why I thought that since he's never seen it. He's also taught Lauren to say it, which is actually pretty cute as long as I'm not on the phone or trying to order food at a drive thru.

It has also morphed into new phrases, said with just as much enthusiasm and volume. They include, but are not limited to:

"Hey you gorillaaaaas!"

"Hey you mommy/daddy/Brenden/Lauren!"

"Hey you sillyyyy!"

"Hey you ________!" (Insert word that Brenden knows he's not supposed to say so he whispers it and possibly get in trouble.)

He's been playing the Electric Company on (I thought it was and he quickly informed me that, "No, mommy. Not .com, Again, the teenage years are going to be...interesting.) Apparently, they totally stole "Hey you guuuuys!" and have been teaching it to the children of children of the 80's, totally confusing us as well as driving us crazy.


Lauren's new found obsession is ketchup, which cracks me up. I finally had to move it to the top shelf of the refrigerator because she kept grabbing it and dragging it around with her.

She will dip anything into it, which is why the other night she had rice and vegetables with ketchup for dipping. 

I cannot get enough of her little personality.


Brenden, used to being our main performer and center of attention, could not be outdone. So, while we were driving home talking about school he started singing, which is not out of the ordinary. However, his choice of song was so out of left field that I called Tim and made Brenden sing it to him. Then I made it sing it again when we got home:

Oh. My. GOOOSH. I think we need to talk to his teachers about their taste in music. ;) 

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