Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa....

Brenden is getting better and better at his handwriting, but he's still not quite up to writing an entire letter to Santa, even if it's only just a few words. Instead, we decided to have him draw what he'd like Santa to bring him and when we mentioned that Lauren wasn't big enough to draw her own pictures he happily drew some for her as well. He told me how he would like them labeled and then I helped him spell "Dear Santa".

He needed help spelling Lauren's name, but he signed his name all on his own.

You better believe these are going in a memory book. :)

"Dear Santa"
The left one says "Brenden" and the right is "Lauren".
"Big Pillow Pet with Thomas on it."
Top: "Light Saber with Blue"
Bottom left: "Little Pillow Pet with Thomas on it."
Center: "Dora Pillow Pet"
Top right: "Boots Pillow Pet"

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