Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Completely, 100%, for better or worse, our house. It only took 129 days between deciding this was what we wanted to do and signing all 124,209,574 papers that legally made us the owners. In all honesty, this whole process was MUCH easier than I expected. We had very few issues and have been extremely happy with how it has turned out. 

I still cannot believe we'll be moved in before Christmas. Merry Christmas to us!

A few pictures I took yesterday of OUR house. Insane. :) 

Playing in Lauren's closet.
Lauren's room.
Brenden's room.
Kid's bathroom.
Laundry room.
Dining room.
Living room.
Towards the nook.
 And now, the fun part. Moving! *sarcasm, so much sarcasm*


1 comment:

Wamhoffs said...

Congrats!! It'll be a fun Christmas to remember!

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