Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm not sure which of us saw the advertisement first, but Tim and I agreed that Elmo Live! would be a great time for both of the kids. We convinced our friends Bre and Jake to go with us, as well as their son Andrew, and we talked it up for weeks! Brenden asked several times if Elmo was in town yet and Lauren watched many episodes of Elmo's World so she could sing along. Finally, the day arrived!

After a yummy, early dinner (which we almost ruined by going to the wrong location. Sorry Bre and Jake!) we headed over to the BOK Center. While waiting outside Brenden made a new friend and was amazed to find out that he has a prosthetic leg. The little boy had no problem showing it to us and his family was so nice about it. We had a very long talk with him after about what was appropriate to ask. Hopefully a little of it stuck.

Eventually we made it inside and made a beeline for the the play area outside the show. Not long after, music started playing and Murray came out to perform. I thought the kids would have a blast dancing around and sing along. Boy was I wrong! Brenden immediately hid behind me and eventually pulled me away repeating, "I don't like those guys!" Even after I explained it was just a fun costume, he was not having it. Lauren wasn't quite as scared, but she made Tim hold her the entire time she watched and didn't smile once.

Hello, big fluffy red guy that is WAY bigger than I expected!
Abby, and her fun button, were a hit, though!

I was not looking forward to the actual show, especially after they finally showed interest in something but that something was just a frozen strawberry lemonade.

Can you feel the excitement?

Eventually it was time to head to our seats. The lights went down, the music started, and I don't think Brenden blinked even once until the intermission. He did lean over to me, with his eyes still firmly fixed on the stage to tell me that he "liked those guys now" and asked where Murray was hiding because he was ready to see him, now. Lauren actually stood up and bounced around, which is what she does when she watches Elmo at home, too. By the end of the show, they were hooked. Brenden beamed up at me and said, "That was AMAZING!" Lauren hugged Tim around the neck and squealed, "Elmo was AWESOME!"

So what was their favorite part of the show?

Brenden: "The kid with the cool leg! Can I have a cool leg like that???" (Sorry buddy, I think you'll thank me later for not letting you get a prosthetic leg. Although I think it's awesome that you thought he was cool!)

Lauren: "Purple!! Um...and PINK!" (Yep, exactly what I expected.)

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